Don’t Watch It, Experience It

Actually I have been in many production since I entered this course which is AB Broadcasting. Different productions, different activities like films, music videos, travel videos and so much more, but the most memorable production that I’ve been part of is Metanoia Entertainment.

logoMetanoia Entertainment is a production team that established last March 2017 as we introduced our Musical Theatrical Play “Impasse: Two Worlds” at University of the East- Caloocan. Visiting a theater and watching a play was very different in if you’re part of that production not just because of who was in the audience, but because of the expectations of how people would behave.

17308931_1590486620966243_5545508950237657902_nResponsible staffs, creative minds that can share different creative juices to create a unique ideas that is out of the box and most especially talented people that are all versatile that can do everything in a production. When we do productions we make sure that we are 100% prepared when it comes to the scripts, stage designs, wardrobes, original music or scoring to make the play more lively and lastly of course we must also be physically and financially ready when conducting a productions.

17309210_1595171237164448_2994321849513900322_nIt is indeed a big opportunity and a perfect experience to be part of Metanoia Entertainment not just because it is just a classroom based production but because the memories and struggles that the whole team experienced. Our production team will never fail when it comes to satisfying the audiences because we “Metanioa Entertainment, we make a good team!”

“When is the Best Time” – Tips for a Wonderful Pahiyas Experience


The Pahiyas Festival, or officially known as the Lucban San Isidro Pahiyas Festival happens only once a year, every May 15. Regardless of the day it falls, be it a weekend or a Monday, the celebration must go on as it is Catholic feast of San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers.

There are lots of events happening prior to the festival day itself – concerts, singing and dancing competition, street dancing, beauty pageant and other cultural events. But as many people asks, “do we see the decorated houses before May 15”? The answer is a BIG NO! The culmination of the festivities happen only in just one and only one day – on May 15 and that’s where all the houses are decorated with colorful kiping and farm produce, when all the grand activities happen, from morning till about midnight or early dawn.


This is my first time here in this colorful festival, and though I’m honestly not expecting extravagance, I was overwhelmed by the unbelievable faith and devotion of Lucbanon to San Pedro. More than the colorful houses adorned by the “kipings” and vegetables that they just harvested, I had a wonderful time going around town and meeting the very accommodating people of Lucban – the most reason that made me love this place more. On my visit here last May 15, most of the main roads were closed, so we were obliged to leave our car somewhere near the entrance of Lucban, and let ourselves experience local transportation in the area, which is a tricycle, to take us to the town proper. The streets were adorned with colorful banderitas, an indication of a Filipino feast well-celebrated, as the crowd leads to the center of the whole celebration.

On my visit here last May 15, most of the main roads were closed, so we were obliged to leave our car somewhere near the entrance of Lucban, and let ourselves experience local transportation in the area, which is a tricycle, to take us to the town proper. The streets were adorned with colorful banderitas, an indication of a Filipino feast well-celebrated, as the crowd leads to the center of the whole celebration.


A must see here in Lucban during Pahiyas Festival are the houses adorned by these harvested fruits and vegetables, as well as those colorful kipings, that give life and photographic look. It is only here in Lucban you could find houses adorned by these beauties, so yeah, don’t be really surprise why Pahiyas Festival is so popular. Moving deeper into the crowd, I finally caught sight of the colorful houses adorned with flowers and lined with all kinds of crops shaped into animals, hats or baskets. The main decorative material used is “kiping”, and it is produced from rice paste. I was impressed particularly by a house displayed four giant sunflowers. The artist used a “bilao” and banig shaped petals painted yellow and orange.


Mid May is the peak of summer and it wasn’t easy to course through the thick ang busy crowds in the heat. We came across some street entertainment and bought some local food along the street markets. I tried the “pancit habhab”, the town’s noodle specialty. It tasted just like any other Pancit Canton in Manila the only unique here is that you will not using utensils instead you will use only your mouth to eat all of it. Food is a big part of Philippine culture. When someone is born we eat and of course when it’s the town fiesta, we eat. Some residents open their homes and their kitchen to visitors of the town. It’s a gesture of hospitality and generosity. Although, not practiced by everyone. You will likely chance upon a home that will open its doors to you.

DCIM103GOPROG1011351.The highlight of the festival is the awarding of the home with the best design. Also, a mass in honor of St. Isidore was held before the awarding ceremonies, followed by a parade showcasing floats made of crops, models in crop embellished gowns and school bands also wearing some wacky outfits made of crops. We spent long hot afternoon under the sun, not wasting a moment to immerse ourselves in festivities.

Overall, it was really a fantastic festival. Though it was my first time to attend festivals here in the Philippines I can say that the Philippine culture is still alive and amazing. As a Filipino and seeing foreigners enjoying the festivals here in the Philippines it makes my heart flattered. Well, we must be proud that we are Filipinos, heads up and say that we all are proud that we are Filipinos!

Family Time: Strengthen Your Bond by Spending Time Together

How do you spend family time? Family time can mean many things to different people especially to how the family is structured or who is in the family. Normally, especially Filipinos spending their family time in eating together, going to church every Sundays or they will just go to malls and have some fun. The quality of family time is more important than the quantity. However if family time can be scheduled for at least once a week, that could create the desire and want for more family time.


Family time brings everyone closer and it centers the family. Family time helps shape the children and family values can be taught, shared or even spoken back to the parents. What I mean is that little children love to repeat what the parents say or how they act so if you want to know how you are doing as a parent, listen to your little ones and see how they respond to situations, you may get a glimpse of yourself! Family time also helps each other to feel loved and respected and to be heard. They may not feel that way all the time but the children will know that when the family comes together then there is an opportunity to be heard.


In a world full of hustle and bustle where everyone is running short of time for almost everything, there are limited bonding sessions which involve all the family members. Personally, I’m a strong supporter of such bonding sessions because my parents mold me to give importance to family. When I heard the word family it is really a big word for me why? Is it because I know that I have them, they’ve got my back every time I will encounter a problem. In every family it is really important to have a free time for each other. Travelling, going to church and eating dinner together are example of bonding with your families. Some of you I know that there’s a time that you can’t make time for family because of busy at work well friend I can say that make sure that you have time for family make time for them though you have plenty of work. Sometimes people who spend time with family and they leave their work but they have these phone calls coming from work, make sure that leave any other work that you might have – that means you aren’t even attending to any office calls while you’re on a mission to get busy with family time activities. Make such family time frequent and even fix up weekly family nights for an outing together.


I am really grateful for having my family at my side because I know that I am beyond blessed because I have them both that is why I really treasure every moment we spent together. Remember, that it’s not about the amount of time you spend with your family; instead it’s about how best you spend the time you have. Even if you have 10 minutes, make that time precious for your family because family that bond together stays forever.

The Culture of Cyberbullying in the Philippines

Cyberbullying is when someone bullies another online. With the openness of internet and the always-on connection of smartphones, it has become a convenient and sometimes deadly way for abusers to inflict psychological damage with lasting effects. Using online methods, bullies are able to conduct hate speech, extortion, bribery, threats, peer pressure or harassment to taunt and control their victims. Cyberbullying in the Philippines is a very real thing –  with millions of people being connected to the internet in the country, everyone can fall prey. Even in the United States, cyber-bullying has been noted as one of the leading reasons why teenagers choose to take their own lives. The question is – how true can this be for the Philippines?


Before I start talking about cyberbullying, it might be best to first discuss what the idea is all about. See, there’s a major distinction between bullying and harassing online.  Cyber bullying can be harassment, embarrassment, threat, torment and humiliation one minor can do to another. As for cyber-harassment, an adult is usually the instigator. I know you teens are having it rough, and today’s social media culture makes it impossible to crawl under a rock and hide. I am taunted regularly through someone’s account, one of the more notorious platforms for cyberbullying, used often for its anonymous posting format. There are many ways to do cyberbullying:cyberbullying-500x270

It Can Start from a Prank or Actions from Another

In this scenario cyberbullying can happen in different ways.  This may include a hacker tapping into an account to post content, or someone you know gets into your social media account.  Either way details get shared and in some cases they may not be true or others get easily offended.  There are times the information is completely false but damage has still been done.  Sometimes people wonder if someone else really is responsible for content that was mentioned through a person’s account.  People are known to share information that is hurtful and wrong, but hackers are also known to do the same thing, even if they don’t know the person that owns the account.

It Starts Online and Could Lead to Real-Life Actions

There are situations that include cyberbullying online but it ends up staying online. Meaning, it doesn’t escalate to anything else.  There are people who deal with it often online and decide to let things go or they don’t let it bother them.  Then, you have others who are tired of being teased, hurt, offended or they just got fed up and want to take things into their own hands. Things move on to include meeting with the other party that bullied you in person.  The problem here is it could involve more than one person or it could be a setup. It is hard to see what can happen when meeting in person since anything goes.  Sometimes people that meet with their bully may not bother to tell someone else, yet the bully may bring a couple of people to help them. This is actually pretty sad.  Someone claiming to a be a bully may bring someone with them to have their back, yet they talk tough online as if they can handle their own.Print

It Is Hard to Really See its Effects in Others

Cyberbullying is difficult to see in others sometimes when they are a victim.  The bully says negative things about a person and they feel good about it.  They are not thinking about the person they are bullying but they are on a mission to ensure that person gets hurt.  Bullying may be a sign that something is wrong at home. This doesn’t mean it is right to bully someone, but it may help to try and think about why a person bullies another before considering a course of action. Kids are instructed to tell an adult when bullying is wrong or when it gets out of control.  A person who is being bullied can be quiet about it even when it bothers them a lot.  They may not want to report it when they should, but letting it bother them so much can be unhealthy.  Some people have resorted to hurting themselves or taking their own life.

Stop Cyber-bullying Rethink Digicular

Don’t let the bullies get to you. Just to keep it real: they may be around even when you’re way past your teens. Remind yourself that they are the ones with the problem, so be strong and find strength in others. Hang in there; you will be OK. FIGHTING

Promoting and Strengthening ASEAN Integration: News Coverage of PTV Channel 4


In the era of integration, media plays a crucial role not only limited to conveying information and progress but also important to portray the image of an integration such as ASEAN Community. While ASEAN is known for its diversity, media landscapes in ASEAN countries are also diverse and uneven. This had actually explained why it is extremely difficult to offer a general image of regional media. In addition to that, this has been the main attribute hampering discussions and closer collaboration throughout these years in media- related activities, especially in setting norms and standards of media practice. Although it was claimed under the charter, and the region’s political- and-security and social-cultural activities, especially in setting need to promote the free flow of and access to information as well as the role of media or the role of the news coverage of PTV Channel 4 in promotion of ASEAN identity and awareness in community-building and integration efforts. ASEAN community had always been “a work in progress” and this mainly due to the fact that ASEAN itself carries 10 different set of rules and laws thus making the road to achieve the integration of ASEAN Community remains a big challenge.

Undoubtedly, the media is a strong channel which interconnects the world. Not only media play a role of reporting news nationally, the media play a crucial role in conveying news globally. The power of media is the main propeller of propaganda that has seen certain powers attain and maintain their position in world politics. This would obviously make the media as an opinion shaper as well as an agenda setter. In the era of globalization, with the high international dependency and competitiveness, media diplomacy serves a crucial role in winning local and international masses (Lwangu, 2013). Among the many reasons of the importance of mass media to a society, the most notable ones are; that the media are the source of information that people need to make informed choices and decisions (Fortuno, 2005) as well as serving channel to achieve mass communication (McQuail, 2005).


The question arises as how important does the role of media especially the news coverage of PTV Channel 4 plays in the integration process. As many may contend the little contribution the media might have done, the media actually have a very crucial role in terms of providing important information and analyses upon which people will base their decision and choices (SID, 2011).

Media play an important role in conveying information and this had helped ASEAN to make sense of integration and regionalism under the rubric of the ASEAN Community. Furthermore, the media had also played a crucial role by reporting in-depth and with quality regarding the content and position as well as progress of individual ASEAN member state.

Promoting ASEAN integration through television news of PTV Channel 4 for me is quite an effective way, though we come into our mind why it needs to be in Channel 4 why not in other famous channels? Well, I think the government wants to disseminate the information to public without any bias or the channel will change some of the articles and exaggerate it. It is an effective way to have a television program for the ASEAN integration because some of us Filipinos don’t have enough idea what ASEAN is, also for us Filipinos to be aware what is really happening in the ASEAN community.


In conclusion, in order to achieve an ASEAN Community the ASEAN member state need to work extra hard especially in promoting the integration. People nowadays are relying heavily on the media to get information. By having a state-controlled media landscape will never make an integration a success since every individual state will be so busy covering sensitive issues of their own. ASEAN member state should really go beyond that and to start promoting the benefits of integration.

The media landscape in ASEAN should really liberal. Having said on liberalization, this does not mean that the citizens of ASEAN can freely comment and condemn on every single issue there is. The media should be responsible for conveying positive information to educate people. This also does not mean that only positive issue can be published, nevertheless the media should be selective in the news they are to publish and must ensure that the information or the news they provide is for the benefit of the integration.



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Struggles faced by College Students


College is labeled as the best time of your life by almost every adult in existence. It is a world of freedom, away from your parents, surrounded by friends and temptations are everywhere. Unfortunately, college also comes with a lot of struggles, you can never tell college if you will not experience any hard times. Especially if you want to succeed and actually graduate. These struggles can be consequences of bad choices, poor organization or utterly bad luck. No matter the cause of these struggles – the stress and frustration that accompanies them is real. So far, I agree with them. But there are also endless “struggles” we as students must overcome to reach our goals. Whether it’s trying to figure out how to write a check because all high school ever taught you was the Pythagorean theorem or discovering how really out of shape you are when you try to take on the steepest hills on campus. The transition to college is difficult and often makes us question its own existence.


Since I started college I noticed a couple of problems that every college student can relate to. You can learn a lot from freshmen year and on up. College life isn’t bad all the time though.  Anyways let’s get to the list or shall I say struggles.

1. Procrastination


When you have piles of work to do it’s so easy to avoid doing it. Even though you always hear “do your work before the due date” that statement gets ignored. Yeah, it’s great to get work done ahead of time, but too much work can be overwhelming. Procrastination is the easy way out. Admit it we all have done this a few times when we need to get tasks done. As a result, we have to stay up late the night before or on the due date trying to get assignments done.

2. Apparently we used to do this thing called sleeping!


So, what is sleep? activities everywhere, assignments every subjects, minors that feels like majors, thesis, all school works that has the same submissions? What else? I think that is enough to get enough sleep right? Every college students looks like panda because of their eyebags under eye, but despite of all those sleepless nights will fade away when you got high grades.

3. Keeping grades high


Now I know this struggle doesn’t relate to every college student because there are some that do well at managing their grades. On the other hand, there are some students that try their best to get good grades but it seems like the bad luck fairy gets in the way. Another thing that could be hurting your grade is your professor strict grading. It’s so annoying having a professor that picks at every little unnecessary detail. I think some of those teachers make certain things difficult for no reason.

4. Just wanting to give up, entirely!

tenor (1)

There’s the time that we wanted to give up because it is really hard to do all school works with the same submissions. It feels like you really don’t want to do it because you’re tired of everything, that you want to sleep all day and quit school because you don’t want to do sh*ts anymore.

5. But, hey, it’s the best part of our lives — so get out there and keeping doing your thing!


You can go on all day with more struggles college students go through but you’ll stick to some of these common ones. College life can be difficult. Later on, in life, you will realize all the struggles were worth going through.

Power of Online Journalism in Southeast Asia


Online journalism is a very unique and newer medium of communication, which is currently the most effective medium. The Internet is the new business model. It  is rapidly changing the media landscape by re-defining what media are. More and more information moves online and because of computer technologies, there has been an extensive practice of Online journalism. The Internet and specifically its graphic interface the World Wide Web is reaching a level of saturation and widespread adoption throughout the world. Specifically for journalism practiced online in the discipline of computer-assisted reporting  and a specific kind of journalism: Online journalism, we can now identify and theorize about the impacts the global system of networked computers has had on journalism. Journalism in Southeast Asia is under pressure. Journalists in many of the region’s emerging markets have to develop their profession while struggling with changing market conditions, increasingly more demanding audiences, different degrees of authoritative states and growing competition from the Internet.


Nowadays, the social media makes news more interesting because of the interactivity and multimedia like videos, audios e.t.c. that are used. The online news organization is increasingly gloomy about its financial future and online journalists are optimistic, reporting expanding newsroom and business. Online journalism is fueled by the social media such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter.  Facebook leads as the most popular source of news among the social network users. In Southeast Asia as the population is emerging in the so-called cyberspace community, online journalism is slowly embraced by people as a way of sharing of information. Web start-ups are now using a dazzling array of digital tools to improve the way they gather and disseminate the news — not just nationally or internationally but block-by-block also blogs have become a popular venue for ordinary people to engage in online journalism.


So having established a universal understanding of online journalism, a question arises. Who is qualified as online journalist? Is it safe to refer to anyone who engages in online journalism as a journalist? Every blogger becomes a reporter. Every soul with a device that can access internet and push contents online become a journalist? As a broadcasting students who have enough knowledge about journalism, I believe that internet becomes more accessible to everyone not just in Southeast Asia but all over the world. The future of Online Journalism and news website is very bright, the use of Internet is increasing every day and in the next few years, almost all the educated people of our country will have access to Internet. Some people says that all bloggers can be journalist but other says that bloggers can’t be journalist, because aside from disseminating news and information to the public journalist must know the code of ethics there are a lot of rules that a true journalist must follow. But recent years, it is hard to draw a line between bloggers and journalist. Many people cannot recognized what journalism and blogging is I think it is because of both of them are giving information to the public but the thing is we, people don’t know who’s the credible one and who’s not.

On that note, Though computer literacy rate is still at a very nominal percentage, the most elite and educated class of people depend on web for their work. Online journalism, like any other media, has both its pitfalls but also many advantages.  Authenticity is the greatest problem in web journalism; the need to reassure users to believe in it. It is a very easy medium to use and also the most easily available medium an author can think of. This has made the task of getting news a much more complicated problem. Availability of news is faster in web, but they are prone to be either vague and sometimes not even entirely genuine. Accessibility of internet has made everyone discuss about a topic, and also get faster reviews of the same.

Finally, we have to embrace online journalism sooner or later. There is huge potential for growth in this field not just in our country nor Southeast Asia but all over the world. It is time that all people sit together and do some active brain storming on how to get the best out of online journalism.